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Smart Vest

The Smart Vest is a custom fit compression weight vest that is designed to do normal high intensity training drills.  The Smart Vest difference is the custom compression fit.  Train in a vest you hardly know it is on!

Vest comes complete with weight modules.  Vests can handle different configurations of weights.  

Sizing Guidelines

Please refer to the sizing guidelines to assure proper sizing.  Smart Gear stands behind sizing.  For any reason you are not satisfied how your vest fits please contact us and we will make sure we get you the properly sized vest. 

Do not use a T-Shirt size as your vest size.  This custom fit vest does not size like a normal shirt size.

The Difference

Smart Gear has developed numerous sizes to provide the custom fit feel with each vest.  You are not waiting for a vest to be custom build to you.  We will ship the vest within a 72 hour time frame or sooner.

Our vest will not bounce or move while you do your training regimen. 

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