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Smart Vest Training

Smart Gear Training conducted 4 years of research and sports testing to give you the ultimate form of on-body resistance. The goal; enabling your body to adapt to a functional amount of resistance (often only 4 to 8 lbs) and accept it as natural body weight. This would protect your body’s movement integrity, and evenly distribute the load force. It was introduced in 1995.

The initial application for the vest was very focused. A weighted vest that could be worn while playing, practicing, and training for basketball. Load a player with 6-8 lbs of on-body weight and enable him or her to actually play full court at top speed, play D, shoot, and jump as well as they did without the additional weight. Imagine what the player feels and experiences when they remove the 6-8 lbs and continue to play.

The success on the courts was soon noticed by other members of the sports community. Ironically, talking about movement, the benefits of weighted vest training for runners was introduced by researchers. Long distance runners, at that. Runners can increase endurance, leg strength, and overall speed by using the SmartVest. A number of NFL strength & conditioning coaches caught wind of this new product with the unique fit. They find it invaluable for “full pad” simulated workouts.

Personal fitness is a natural “vest opportunity”. Men and women can combine both strength and aerobic training at the same time…just by adding the vest to their workout. Make an in”vest”ment. All you can lose is calories.


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